Tuesday 3rd December 2019

Hoylake's Tom Carroll is to play approx 20 juniors during February 2020.

WCL Junior Organisor, john Smallthwaite is looking to arrange an event for Hoylake's young star to take on approx 20 junior in a Simultaneous Event. See below.

We are aiming to hold the simultaneous competition during February 2020. Tom Carroll from Hoylake Chess Club

will be facing approx 20 Junior Players.

February is the only month he can manage next year as he will be doing his A levels prior to going off to University.

I wish to find out which clubs are interested in sending Juniors to participate. This is to assist with picking the best

place which is central to those clubs who wish to participate.

Contact John Smallthwaite by phone on 0151 645 6723 or Mob 07505 145013 or email

Posted By: David Hulme at 3:55pm